Bombay Abyssinian: American Shorthair: Australian Mist : Balinese: Bengal : Birman : Bombay: British Shorthair: Burmese : Burmilla : Cheetoh: Chinchilla: Cornish Rex: Devon Rex : Egyptian Mau: Exotic Shorthair: Foreign White: Highlander : Himalayan : Javanese : Korat: Japanese Bobtail: LaPerm : Maine Coon : Mandalay : Manx and Cymric: Munchkin: … Breeds of Cat Highlander Exotics are available totally different “looks,” called extreme and ancient. A Savannah is a cross breed between a domestic cat and a serval, a medium-sized, large-eared, wild African cat. stm_aix("p4i24","p3i0",[0,"Tooth Decay & Toothache in Cats","","",-1,-1,0,""]); Kittens are Singapura: British it’s an oversized, spherical head; giant, spherical eyes; a brief nose; full cheeks; and tiny ears with rounded tips. Russian: stm_aix("p3i16","p3i0",[0,"Fleas - Sand Fleas - Not a problem for cats","","",-1,-1,0,""]); A medium-length soft, thick, plush coat with an expensive, thick undercoat completes the Exotic’s look. TeddyBear is a PKD negative Cattery //-->. The International Cat Association recognized the breed because the Exotic Shorthair in 1979. these days Exotics are recognized by all cat registries. American Shorthair: Kidney Disease Kittens - How to care for stm_bpx("p9","p7",[]); Highlander: Himalayan:  Oriental: Death of a cat - Coping Dental Problems Cats The Scottish fold is another cat breed recognized as unique. our Website            Causes and Remedies","","",-1,-1,0,"hairballs-cats.htm"]); Cystitis in Cats Tundra: Ear Mites in Cats Marion, an International All Breeds judge, has been breeding and showing Persian cats since 1973. But before you do please read below Exotics usually have a weight range of 7 to 12 pounds. Pet Breed (Any) Mixed Breed Abyssinian American Bobtail American Curl American Shorthair American Wirehair Arctic Curl Asian Australian Mist Balinese Bengal Birman Bombay Bramble British Longhair British Shorthair … Diarrhea in Cats  Kittens The Desert Lynx is a bob-tailed or short-tailed cat breed of US origin. Abyssinian Visit our Website            Pictures of Cats The name of these Australian felines is inspired by their typical fur markings, which look as if the cat had been covered by a light fog. stm_aix("p0i4","p0i2",[0,"Cat Health Info ","","",-1,-1,0,""]); Ever wanted the best cat you can stay with at home or show off at the couch. See more ideas about cat breeds, cats, cats and kittens. Tapeworm in stm_aix("p3i14","p3i0",[0,"Fleas - How to kill fleas on young kittens","","",-1,-1,0,""]); Click on a She likes to play once she’s not sitting in a very lap or being petted. Worming your Cat. breed below, Find Somali: ","","",-1,-1,0,""]); The Exotic tends to be a little more playful, active and inquisitive than the Persian. Both pedigreed cats and mixed-breed cats have varying incidences of health problems that may be genetic in nature. Munchkin: Pixie-bob: stm_bp("p0",[0,4,0,0,7,5,6,0,100,"",-2,"",-2,96,0,0,"#000066","#990066","",3,0,0,"#000000"]); stm_aix("p2i1","p2i0",[0,"Pictures of Different Cat Breeds\r\n\r\n","","",-1,-1,0,"","_self","","","","",0,0,0,"","",0,0,0,0,1,"#CC0066",0,"#FFFFFF"]); stm_aix("p4i11","p3i0",[0,"Flea Allergy Dermatitis","","",-1,-1,0,""]); Lucky for us exotic cat lovers, there are also two categories of exotic cat breeds that we can raise and love: hybrid cats and domestic cats with wildcat looks. Weight/Height Range: 4-7kgs: Ailments 2020 Best of Breed; 2019 Best of Breed; 2018 Best of Breed; Cat Of The Year Gallery; Lifetime Achievement ; TICA's Top Cats. Exotic Shorthair: Facebook: Persians & Exotic     Exotic Shorthairs and Napoleons Tiffanie Singapura Javanese Kitten -Milk for Kittens? stm_bpx("p4","p2",[]); stm_aix("p10i0","p2i0",[]); Moving House with Cats Scottish fold. “Extreme” Exotics, those seen within the show ring, have a blandish face, which can include respiration issues. Burmilla Exotic cat breeds for sale online Best exotic cat breeds available for sale online with delivery to all legal states. Cat Enclosures and Runs stm_aix("p3i18","p3i0",[0,"Hair - How to remove Pet Hair from carpet and furniture","","",-1,-1,0,""]); Conjunctivitis How do I know if my cat is in heat? stm_aix("p6i2","p6i0",[0,"Ask Advice"]); Siberian: The tail is brief however proportional to the length of the cat’s body. Devon Rex Like the Persian, the exotic cats breeds is good, docile and quiet, however don’t get the concept that she is simply AN adornment for the house. This is a medium-size cat. Vaccinated/wormed/desexed/ microchipped. LaPerm: Vaccinated and litter trained. Reasons, prevention and treatment","","",-1,-1,0,""]); Cats with the standard look have a a lot of old school look, with a face that’s not as flat and a nose that is set lower on the face with a lot of of a “break,” allowing easier respiration. stm_ep(); Ocicat stm_aix("p4i23","p3i0",[0,"Tapeworm in Cats","","",-1,-1,0,""]); De-Worming Cat Kitten stm_aix("p4i15","p3i0",[0,"Kidney Disease. The Exotic Cat or Exotic Shorthair cat is the ideal cat for cat lovers who adore the Persian cat, but not the grooming - it really is a lazy man's Persian cat. stm_aix("p4i6","p3i0",[0,"Conjunctivitis in Cats","","",-1,-1,0,"conjunctivitis-cats.htm"]); Excessive tearing will be a controversy during this breed, thus wipe the corners of the eyes clean daily to stop under-eye stains from forming. stm_aix("p4i5","p3i0",[0,"Children: Can kids catch worms or diseases from cats? Egyptian Mau Hybrid cats are simply cats that have a history of cross-breeding between a domestic cat and a true wild cat … Our cats are guaranteed to be healthy, Turkish Van, Articles Menu Our Exotics and Exotic pets are a hugely diverse group of animals that range from betta fish to Bengal tigers. Tundra Toyger: Highlander The exotic cats breeds is good, docile and quiet, however don’t get the concept that she is just associate degree adornment for the house. We focus on breeding true to type PKD free quality cats. Balinese The cross, which had originally been intended to bring the Persian’s striking silver color and green eyes to the American Shorthair, was controversial at first, but Persian breeders became intrigued by the new look and began to cooperate in the development of what became known as the Exotic. Flea Allergy Dermatitis for example, white Exotics have deep blue or good copper eyes, or odd eyes—one copper and one blue; different solid-colored Exotics have good copper eyes; silver and golden Persians have inexperienced or blue-green eyes; and then on. British Shorthair Maine Coon: Turkish Angora Visit our Website               Exotic cats and kittens for sale. (Australia Only), Abyssinian Burmese for the pleasure of their company. stm_aix("p6i3","p6i0",[0,"Give Advice"]); Litter Box: Choosing Pet Breed. Foreign White: stm_bpx("p7","p2",[1,2]); Exotics have a name for being a lot of active and curious than their Persian siblings, and that they are a lot of suited to an energetic family. Get Rid of fleas House Home ==> Breeds ==> Exotic Shorthair ==> Cat Breeders ==> Australia Get A Deluxe Listing! However, the Exotic has found a big fan base in the UK, thanks to their adorable looks, their kind, loving albeit mischievous natures and their lovely luxurious coats. Devon Rex: breed below stm_aix("p3i0","p0i0",[0,"All Articles with a brief Description","","",-1,-1,0,"cat-advice-articles.htm","_self","","","","",0,0,0,"","",0,0,0,0,1,"#CC0066",0,"#FFFFFF",0,"","",3,3,0,0,"#FF0099 #999900 #999900 #999900","#CCCC00","#FFFFFF","#000000","bold 7pt Verdana","7pt Verdana"]); a Cat Breeder Burmilla Oriental Exotics United Nations agency go outdoors additionally run the danger of being taken by somebody who would really like to own such an attractive cat while not paying for it. How to give a cat a pill easily","","",-1,-1,0,"give-cat-pill.htm"]); Cheetoh: Exotic Shorthair provides you with the most health and unique pet breeds. Persian: 1 image. ... Whilst the Feline Association of South Australia take every care in providing correct and up to date information, Cat Nip - Crazy Effects Ocicat: For more information or to sign up, visit our Get Listed page. We provide you with the various cat breeds you microchipped, vaccinated and parasite treated. Us, My kittens are desexed, microchipped and Brush the teeth to stop periodontitis. stm_aix("p3i6","p2i1",[0,"Birth - Labor & Delivery","","",-1,-1,0,""]); Urine Our cats are raised underfoot and socialized in a loving our CAT FORUM Males are aforementioned by some to be sweeter and a lot of caring than females, WHO are typically represented as upstage. Siamese: Cat Home Remedy Recipe","","",-1,-1,0,"urinestainremoval.htm"]); #3 - Abyssinian. stm_aix("p4i13","p3i0",[0,"Hairballs. stm_aix("p3i32","p3i0",[0,"Spraying Urine Problems. stm_aix("p5i0","p0i0",[0,"Find a Cat Breeder (Australia Only)\r\n\r\nMany Catteries to choose from\r\n\r\nMost Breeds Listed\r\n\r\nClick to choose a Breed\r\n\r\n\r\n","","",-1,-1,0,"cat-breeders-listings.htm","_self","","","","",0,0,0,"","",0,0,0,0,1,"#CC0066",0,"#CC0066",0,"","",3,3,0,0,"#FF0099 #999900 #999900 #999900","#CCCC00","#FFFFFF","#FFFFFF","bold 9pt Arial","bold 9pt Arial"]); Javanese:     Oriental stm_aix("p3i24","p3i0",[0,"Moving House with your Cat - Tips and Information","","",-1,-1,0,""]); Most Popular Exotic Cat Breeds: #1 - Persian. Copyright © Cats of Australia. In a variety of colours. Ragdoll Daily dental hygiene is best, however weekly brushing is best than nothing. In all respects however coat length, the Exotic shares the Persian’s sweet expression and soft spherical lines. Egyptian Mau: stm_aix("p4i27","p3i0",[0,"Worming Your Cat or Kitten","","",-1,-1,0,""]); The new breed initial began to be developed within the Fifties by crossing Persians with yankee Shorthairs and, later, different shorthaired breeds like the Burmese and also the Russian Blue, then breeding back to Persians once the short coat was achieved. With their brilliant blue eyes and striking coat pattern, the Siamese cat is … House Training  Kitten The Exotic Shorthair is similar to the Persian in many ways, including temperament and conformation, with the exception of the short dense coat. Toyger Exotics are very little detected, however once they do speak it’s in a very soft, pleasant and musical voice. stm_aix("p4i25","p3i0",[0,"Urinary Tract Disorders in Cats - FLUTD","","",-1,-1,0,"cat-urinarytract-problems.htm"]); Privacy Policy       Us, I am a Registered Shorthair Spraying Urine Problems Phone 07 5543 stm_aix("p4i4","p3i0",[0,"Common Health Problems in cats","","",-1,-1,0,"cat-health-problems.htm"]); What should I do for…, Lykoi Cat : Is Everything That’s Wrong With Designer Breeds, 7 Stunning Exotic Cat Breeds - Cats for breeding informations, Breathing difficulty or noisy breathing caused by constricted nostrils, Dental malocclusions, meaning the teeth don’t mesh well together, Eye conditions such as cherry eye and entropion, Polycystic kidney disease, for which a genetic test is available, Seborrhea oleosa, a skin condition that causes itchiness, redness and hair loss. Devon Rex stm_aix("p6i1","p6i0",[0,"Kittens and Cats For Sale and Wanted"]); Australian Pill - How to give cat stm_aix("p3i17","p3i12",[0,"Grief - Living with the Loss of your Cat","","",-1,-1,0,"coping-cat-death.htm","_self"]); stm_aix("p4i17","p3i0",[0,"Milk - Should a kitten drink milk? stm_ai("p2i2",[6,2,"#FFFFFF","",-1,-1,0]); Are Bengal cats Hypoallergenic ? stm_aix("p3i11","p3i0",[0,"Euthanasia...What to Expect when the time comes","","",-1,-1,0,"cat-euthanasia.htm"]); Koroit Pet Resort's Persian and Exotic Cattery is ideally located just 15 minutes from Warrnambool and Port Fairy. Miliary Dermatitis Japanese Bobtail:  Sitemap        Urinary Tract Problems Cat Facts Exotic cats breeds are adaptable and can do well in homes with children who treat them nicely. Ringworm in stm_aix("p3i12","p3i0",[0,"Facts about Cats","","",-1,-1,0,"cat-facts.htm","_parent","","","","",0,0,0,"","",0,0,0,0,1,"#CC0066",0,"#FFFFFF",0,"","",3,3,0,0,"#999900"]); Bombay Cats Exotic animal enthusiasts often look for pets with a unique appearance, something that might be reminiscent of a wild species. Breeder, Northern Rivers NSW. Bengal The sensational Siamese. The International Cat Association (TICA) first started recognizing the Savannah Cat as a breed in 2001. stm_aix("p3i25","p3i0",[0,"New Kitten to an older Cat - How to introduce","","",-1,-1,0,""]); Napoleon-Minuet Scottish Fold-Shorthair: Persians, stm_aix("p6i0","p1i0",[0,"Chat with other Cat Lovers on our Forums","","",-1,-1,0,"","_self","","","","",0,0,0,"","",-1,-1,0,0,1,"#CC0066",0,"#FFFFFF",0,"","",3,3,0,0,"#999900"]); stm_aix("p2i5","p2i0",[]); Blesses with a happy laid-back, happy-go-lucky nature and unruffled manner that takes everything in its stride, it is a practical choice of feline friend for all those with busy lifestyle. Poop clean Carpets Balinese: Norwegian Forest Cat Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. This cat has spotted or marbled markings and resembles the bobcat, and the breed is recognized by the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry.. Dwelf. It has even inherited much of the Persian's health problems. Breeding to the stm_aix("p4i2","p3i0",[0,"Bad Breath in Cats","","",-1,-1,0,""]); A monthly tub could be a sensible plan. Maine Coon The Exotic Shorthair's face is flat like the Persian and the breed comes in all 96 colours of the Persian, these include black, white, cream, blue, himalayan and tortoiseshell with the appropriately matched eye colour. Cornish Rex