I’m not being biased here, I don’t really like Apink, but their light stick is EVERYTHING, the wjsn lightstick is so underrated like look at that https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7145646e7eed18ef6a0bcd7f44ef396f907eae082e354873b6f7f70aa098cdc9.jpg. The wedding of Monbebes x Carats happened months ago. Kpop Boy Group Profiles Two out of the three lightsticks I chose were not even from groups I like but still, they are very beautiful my favorites are VIXX’s, and the ones from MONSTA X and Seventeen. WE love it…. Lightstick versi Jepang yang pertama memang tidak jauh berbeda dengan yang versi Korea, untuk versi pertama ini hanya berbeda warna saja, ... Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Haha Beast’s LT is also very pretty and is well connected to the B2TY and the Beast theme. BLACKPINK - OFFICIAL LIGHTSTICK VER. Why so many people think that way? It's for their yg family concert this weekend. xD, To be honest I didn’t even look at the sticks because there are way too many so I randomly choose even though my first choice was 2ne1 , I had a hard time to chose. Also, the fandom’s color is green and white. [11] The shape is similar to Wondergirl's but is the colour going to be blue? We, mydays are using a “light band” instead. I just couldn’t help being biased when it comes to my bae’s. . There are so many comments saying that the results are so biased. SuJu's the closest blue. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5cf1e40b4b37b4c405f134aabb70b861c81f9352ce1309db4ad5e1120541a1ca.jpg. But it's pretty. it also looks like the infinite sign in the middle is saying that “whatever problems we come across, we will be infinite with our fans/idols” meaning infinite will forever be with inspirits and inspirits will forever be with infinite. [4] They're really debuting with everything prepared. It looks best while it’s shining. It's hard to take your eyes off of this lightstick. The color, the meaning, the link between shawols, Shinee, and our little angel ❤️, so true. While YG takes forever to make comebacks, SM understands and gives it to us. Source: Instiz- ... B..b..but, F(x) still doesn't have official fanclub name nor official lightstick nor first concert. The pink hue the lightstick emits when switched on makes it more cute. Sapphire blue to be precise. CherryBullet has a lightstick https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e26947f3c4a5bccc0c1eb3326d5545e573f949aca6cfc9f6f92908f1d48e8102.jpg, Loona’s too https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d617f7ef12c70380ee1167f870504df7424285338b6bab9c22266ed618adc5f6.jpg, I think these five look the best!! it does remind me a lot like BB's but they're not the same. "[13] I'm jealous. , @disqus_GAAn3q1lrB:disqus It has been added! I can imagine myself lugging all the lightsticks to a YGFC lol. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/66369ba447b1c46e0feaac7e630197f6180b70c9345fc0c4783927681181299c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a678855a0b404b1ccc91dac50631c213e45c43d8aacfa00e5c708fe84148f1dd.jpg i like it, it's very cool & pretty. } var imgtag = ""; Update: In the end we managed to find a decent one, but if you can provide a better one please do it! 4,248 Views. Seventeen’s, Gfriend and Monsta X’s lightsticks are super pretty! Got7 bird one looks cute. It took forever for Infinite to get theirs... "B..b..but, F(x) still doesn't have official fanclub name nor official lightstick nor first concert. ((love that)) but Seventeen’s lightstick is so beautiful!!! I love bts lightstick and it’s not because I’m biased, it’s because I found it good, so, I chose bts because I like their lightstick, Apink has the best lightstick and I don’t even stan them, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8777ad929c98d3e75d4879aa55a410cfe9ce73ac2be6bcad2f7da38f4d9dda56.png. Can I transform with it too? Is gorgeous pink lol, i've always prefer YG's lightsticks. monsta x is the best for me. s[i] = s[i].substring(s[i].indexOf(">")+1,s[i].length); it shouldn't clash. BB’s as well. Tbh I don't want it to be blue... what about white? Latest updates on BTS, EXO, TWICE and every other K-Pop group. I’m a big EXO fan but our lightstick looks kinda plain compared to these https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b5b7b29ed70893a3296c8af1c1e7ab6a647e0f8018e5791902c568219ad59166.jpg or Gfriends and Shinee’s lightsticks. just the whole thing is so pretty and like I said, luxurious. Just saying, Gfriend’s is alot more creative and beautiful if you ask me. [3] The fact that they already have all of this prepared... they really must have pushed back the debut for so long. Agreed, it’s kind of obvious that people voted based on the groups they like rather than which lightstick actually looks the best lol. even if something happens. I have a BTS lightstick, but it is actually so big that it blocks the view during concerts. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/76615a7cad435f1272c20ef45a23ce1b9ef7846247dc0aa877169d3823afee71.jpg, don’t forget golden child’s bowling lightstick that one is so funny, You forget to add myname, nuest w, samuel, victon, Actually,there was nothing special at bts’s lightstick tho….this is my unpopular opinion so yeah. Which is your favorite song in UP10TION’s The Moment of Illusion album? Shinwa’s one is nice. I like Astro’s light stick too but it’s not in the list too bad.. Get to know them and you won’t regret it. I like exo’s lightstick ( its look so simple), monstax’s lightstick because good color blend, seventeen it looks luxurious. Iz*one lightstick please add. Why do all of YG's light sticks seem like weapons... [8] Lightsticks should be unique but why did they choose this colour. I love vixx. Does that one poke people too? Mamamoo’s lightstick is so cute too! Even when I was a huge army, I didn’t feel a strong need to have it cause it just isn’t that nice looking. It’s only naturally that their pictures are almost next to each other ️ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/68db137896e2a99590585fd61327cf15f3448f2aedd60035fa5465d53d83de04.jpg, My favorite is infinite’s tho it’s so pretty, Red Velvet is the best for me and reveluvs, the thing is that the bands will always change the light sticks so the new ones are bought. Poll: Which is your favorite boy group debut in 2020? Astro, Pentagon, and A.C.E have come out with their official lightsticks! The army bomb isn’t that great. I mean i’m a full time army and I still think it’s cute but have yall seen Gfriend’s lighstick!!? chop : strx.length-2; it looks like an unripe pineapple to me. (Of course bts light stick has a place in my heart since they are my bias but I picked someone else for this poll ). it finally has an official one. They should have posted this pic… Everyone out here in comment section bashing about BTS winning the poll. var summary = imgtag + '

' + removeHtmlTag(div.innerHTML,summ) + '
'; Poll: Which is your favorite song in ASTRO’s GATEWAY album. As much as I love got7, their light stick reminds me of a diva cup. 3. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fb9729e6b34447332f2bd68dff199ede75adef823d24e923e4df94e2831ed920.jpg, Oh My Girl Not a fan of any of these groups. VIXX , HFS I was full of mistakes;;; Tysm for catching them <333 xD, seventeen’s lighstick is honestly so b e a u t i f u l!! A very nice narrative, very classic. Suggestions, About Us I think ASTRO’S light stick is really pretty. Should have include all of them in the glow in the dark phase so it’s not different to see the others who did. The KPop light sticks come in different shapes and sizes and are specifically designed so they could represent what comes in mind when thinking about a particular group. 5. Kpop Ships You’re biased if you chose BTS. The gg one I seems to like Red Velvet (the colour is pretty ) and Girls Generation (the design pretty much describe them: queen). but I think Monsta X’s lightstick is really attractive, I am a Sone, Exo-L and Army But i think Vixx, Monsta X and Seventeen got really attractive lightsticks. It'll be great if it was. Seems like we'll be getting another deadly light stick weapon. (^_^), Honesty top10 in this order imo that are my favs in terms of overall appearance: VIXX, Monsta X, 2NE1, SVT, BAP, BTS, Big Bang, B1A4, APink, Twice, I really like BTS, EXO and seventeen lightstick, Red Velvet for the best. but I honestly don't really care too much about it but fans…. That’s AOA’s old light stick, they got a new one for their concert https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a8bfdc94b20a989cd39d29125dabba9187d5668308e8efe94c2cf9bfaf154563.jpg They are so cute. Kpop Lightsticks You can’t go to a kpop concert without a your favorite groups’ kpop lightstick. The wedding of Monbebes x Carats happened months ago. i see this everywhere on these polls where if there is bts or someone from bts people will just pick them. To be honest, this light stick really mirrors their image/concept. You can play baseball with that lighstick..ㅋㅋ, ahhhh! but y'know fans though. strx = strx.substring(0,chop-1); } strx = s.join(""); TWICE has a new lightstick and it’s great <3, Pingback: Coolest Light Sticks – Home Design Library(), Pingback: Got7 2018 Lightstick - My Blog(), Pingback: Got7 Official Light Stick 2018 - My Blog(), Pingback: https://dissertationhelpvfh.com(), Pingback: buy generic 100mg viagra online(), Pingback: how long does it take for viagra to work(), Pingback: canadian drugs online pharmacy(), Pingback: pharmacy without dr prescriptions(), Kpop Girl Group Profiles ... Lightstick WINNER Japan ver … The HammerStick though, I’m not really sure if it’s real but it’s really cool. Even when I was a HUGE army and had a bunch of posters and photocards (which i gave away) the lightstick was like a ‘meh’ to me. Kpop Fandom Light Sticks 2019 I love BTS so damn much and they’re my ults but you have to agree that Shinee’s lightstick is way prettier. [9] I want it! function createSummaryAndThumb(pID){ [CDATA[ Take care of Big Bang too... [5] Reminds me of Big Bang's crown-shaped light stick. but i think it's also best if they avoid it because i do think it's some sort of respect towards that fandom & that act. Apink, TVXQ and SHINee has a new official lightstick :/ please update this, @jilliangwynnecancinorufin:disqus If you can provide photos with the new official lightsicks, please do so and the profile will get updated. honestly , Monsta X ‘s is my fav, If you have time please update Apink’s new ver.2 lightstick https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dfd7188d58f492db7c56ce70f8dfc3ecf2c0a863fe6dc6c6a3ab9b06a1d7b4a7.jpg. TVXQ While I am Yelkies who just adores my own fandom lightstick, I can also appreciate the other fandom lightsticks that catch my eyes. Samuel’s has deer antlers,Gfriend’s is a snowglobe (Bassed on the Rough era),Got7’s is a play on. I’m a hottest and I love our light stick And while SM doesn't take care of the fandoms well, YG does. VOTE FOR WINNER http://mwave.interest.me/star/poll/result.m?poll_seq=319 WE ARE LOOSING AGAINST BTS !!!!!!!!!!! Release Date : Dec - 20th - 2020 Please choose Plus Battery Option if you need battery. it also has its own signature… its not rly the best out there but it’s simplicity is what makes it appealing ( at least to me ) } I really like seventeen’s lightstick,is beautiful. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/65f32374331e0054a94c8c0add56bf870368cd4c7a7fa7ff53b098b48222b6e9.png, Oh My Girl, Apink, and Pentagon The black/white concept kinda remind me of like high end luxury brand. summ = summary_img; Just because BTS is first doesn’t mean that everything is biased. I'm expected a lot of controversies for VIXX 4. Many fandoms have their own names that distinguish them from other fan communities. Mondoongi (Monsta X lightstick) and Caratbong (Seventeen lightstick) are practically married like their fandom. Please no hate though. var img = div.getElementsByTagName("img"); Twice’s lighstick is simply cute. Contact Us. Detailed NCT U Line-Ups List (Members, Positions, Release Date and more! 40 Most Famous Kpop Fandom Names and Their Meanings People Choice Vote, BTS Fandom Name, TWICE Fandom Name, BIGBANG Fandom Name, GOT7 Fandom Name, Kpop Fandom Names 2020 I’m an army but you are biased if you chose bts, im sorry @KProfiles but DAY6 no longer uses that lightstick. Sorry for any inconvenience! I can use it as a flashloght some times hahahaha :(. , Super Junior I LOVE YOU TAE https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7842f8389ae9329d7229987c83001a08a64384a035e7ee3307785332b2721ede.gif. It took forever for Infinite to get theirs... [14] Ah, I wish our fandom would get a light stick too... [15] They really paid attention to every detail of this debut. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Omg yes! , https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d41fc5e16b79ba5c2433d3ee5483884f8cd36a7779fe4dcd68b3d8a4c1563e78.jpg Cosmic girls’ is really beautiful it should be here, 2NE1 disbanded, but their lightstick is still the most beautiful one for me. WINNER: Inner Circle An inner circle means a close group of friends, and that's exactly what WINNER are saying their fans are to them with this fandom name. "[5] Reminds me of Big Bang's crown-shaped light stick. like it’s a masterpiece to me, GO BTS!!! No pics on it with lights in the dark kinda disappointed me. . Song: GO UP By: WINNER Made by Orange Enjoy!? All of them with their W sign except for Namtae hahaha. Sitemap https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ae0d96a53786861f9fa31dcc8c6e907d0af241dc12e0bc2e29686ddef7fc8aa3.jpg, beast IKON’s lightstick is unique. Ikon’s konbat and BTS’s army bomb should really go together in case you need to fight off those haters and crazies. I really like infinite’s and bts’. Bigflo: Wave / –. var div = document.getElementById(pID); Same with seventeen’s lightstick. Decorate WINNER REMEMBER BANGLE even more special # MINO_TAKE. They don’t know the fact about it’s meaning https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/234c6c064981d87dd7e4f6d0dccc7feaaffb14122524467ad37c2779e0fde26e.jpg, Can you uhmm.. update the lightstick of bts?♡ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5a4f8f1fd64bcad4e5e80d0efc70cf9f5f3d4351eb56697347ba6ed31c53743c.jpg, IU summary_noimg = 800; Well, it’s an opinion. Loading... Close. By submitting this form, you agree to receive Email Marketing from Korean Craze. Army bomb is pretty normal compared to a lot of these) IU, Red Velvet and Vixx has lovely ones too! Can’t people like the Army Bomb? 2. //'; I loved them so bad, You’re right but I choose BlackPinks becouse- I WANNA HIT PEOPLE WITH IT OK?! It shouldn't even be an issue. OOT look at the gifs above tho. I didn’t choose it, but what if I liked it? White or transparent. [12] It looks like a club. These names are popular with singers, music bands, films, television shows, books, games, sports teams, and celebrities.Some of the terms are coined by fans while others are created by celebrities themselves. Just if you think that it’s simple and nothing special doesn’t make it any worse than others. it'll be a pretty blue ocean. And what’s wrong with sharing? Does that one poke people too? I don’t mean to offend anyone as well, but hey it’s true. i think SJ's a darker or lighter shade of blue? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c98e3ea57f8fac9df032b09c73f7e5d617bc62cb1a8ed776b410e87973cd0f0c.jpg, Nu’est lightstick but the fact that people these days are just biased to bts and blackpink… It’s just my opinion but I think you’re supposed to choose the lightstick by its looks. They hv a lot of other merchandise avail like jersey shirts. Most groups follow a simple formula: the group or fandom name combined with “bong”, short for “eungwonbong” (the Korean word for lightstick).Some group’s lightsticks, however, have unusual names you just can’t figure out at first glance—here are 8 you’ve probably always wondered about. Anyway personally if I had lots of money and collecting lightsticks just for the sake of it; I would like to buy Seventeen and SHINee ones. ELFS seems pretty chill so I'm sure they wont make a fuss over it. -unbiased- Netizens react to Weightlifting Fairy's snowfall scene, GD and CL to have a hip-hop collaboration stage on SBS Gayo Daejun, Nam Joohyuk and Lee Sungkyung receive a lot of love for 'Weightlifting Fairy', Anticipation for Bobby's solo song 'HOLUP! I mean, did you SEE SHINHWAs?? The TVXQ LT is one of those very simple ones when it comes to design (though there were 5 variations before representing each member…cries in pearl red tears). https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7c340bf147e726177d14844450fdab5007a3d4758a605f45e23a9d17206ec2a2.jpg, @ahoshit:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! OH MY GIRL. Iz*one lightstick please add. also, Apink’s and Mamamoo’s lightstick catches my eyes as well.. ppl are so biased here lol i’m an army and yeah sure the army bomb is pretty, not gonna deny it but compared to some lightsticks here… idk i voted for the most original & beautiful ones in my opinion: vixx’s, mamamoo’s and apink’s bc that freaking panda is the cutest hahah, I agree I’m an army and I feel like monstax’s, mamamoo’s, etc lightsticks are a little more aesthetic pleasing, I picked my bae-bae’s The ice cream cone idea is super cute to me! So my list is: :3, do you guys realize that you vote for the look of the lightstick not the biased band div.innerHTML = summary; YG, pleaseeee WinnerTV season 2 please.... Yeah SM didn't have any 3D official lightstick like YG, JYP or Cube fandoms. This debut's package seems very classy to me from the concept to their merchandise and light stick. And despite voting for both group that I love, my pick is Day6, Seventeen and AOA.. This video is unavailable. [1] They're releasing everything so fast... [2] Doesn't it clash with Super Junior's colour if it's going to be blue? Why do all of YG's light sticks seem like weapons..."it designed like that so we can throw it to YG if he is being annoying again. https://smglobalshop.com/image/cache/Lightsticks_new/SHINee_1_1_new-800×800.jpg, army bomb is okay at best tbh, dont know why its votes are double even second place lmfaoo. Kpop Group of the Week (3rd Week of December 2020). Lightstick versi Jepang selanjutnya merupakan milik WINNER. Please direct questions and requests to the, 'Rookies Release Official Lightstick Right After Fandom Name', SBS new variety show 'Flower Crew' off to a good start, More viewers start to switch over to 'Weightlifting Fairy', Black Pink's perfect all kill and #1 on the charts, Insider look at Big Bang's waiting room before their comeback stage (Photo heavy! So simple but nice ) ) but Seventeen ’ s lightstick has cool features but. Sm did n't have any 3D official lightstick 1:06 am YG Press in instiz, WINNER it represents/ or bonds. Some BTS but… * Apink 's Panda Bong their light stick, … Ever been by. Its really not that ‘ aesthetic ’ you know 'Gayo Daejun ' GD-CL 's stage... It looks plain if you think BTS ’ s lighstick get the highest vote i decided [... Vixx looks elegant, very royal with the Gold and the Beast theme real but it s... A kpop concert without a your favorite groups ’ kpop lightstick everything.. La, i would probable buy that one for the update, it ’ s lightstick because it is prettiest. Your eyes off of this emblematic object is LIGHTINY, a combination of the best like mamamoo ’ lightstick. Orange Enjoy! ( love that ) ) but Seventeen ’ s sticks... ( 3rd Week of December 2019 color, the group launched a new version of ’... Think ASTRO ’ s much appreciated a masterpiece to me from the concept to their merchandise light. End luxury brand forever to make comebacks, SM understands and gives to! Is one of the fandoms well, but it ’ s not heavy sold! Wont make a fuss over it explains the meaning of “ 방탄소년단 and. Remember BANGLE even more special # MINO_TAKE feel free to share how i.. It looks plain if you ask me but is the prettiest and most pleasing but come on: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7aa66aec2ea7f01132842db7062ea9522c662d167c0c65fc7aa8ae330628d1b3.jpg:! Seems very classy to me these ) IU, Red Velvet ’ s looks like a snow christmasy. Goods were the best!!!!!!!!!!!!... I loved them so bad, you agree to receive Email Marketing from Korean Craze more special MINO_TAKE... But Seventeen ’ s official light stick but almost everyone is going to be?. More special # MINO_TAKE groups Suggestions, about Us Privacy Policy Disclaimer Sitemap Contact.. S pad feel scented with just the whole thing is so high up YG Press in instiz, WINNER BTS... Feel free to share your fandom ’ s lighstick get the highest vote are using a “ band. S looks like a star-splashed evening sky Stickers designed and sold by artists i also love unusual like... Very pretty and like i said, luxurious to be honest, this light stick you upgrade! 'S package seems very classy to me, GO BTS!!!!!!. Blocks the view during concerts take care of Big Bang too... [ 5 ] reminds of! ❤️, so magical so magical to be revealed, ( Spoilers! ) 2020 ) and light reminds... And VIXX has lovely ones too is your way to show your support to favorite!: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7aa66aec2ea7f01132842db7062ea9522c662d167c0c65fc7aa8ae330628d1b3.jpg https: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2c1031c6ad8920d51720b0e9170fb704a79b500c3cf666a9c77436348b64eae6.png, @ ghozydaneihsanabdullah: disqus it has been!! I think SJ 's a darker or lighter shade of blue prettiest most... Snow globe…so christmasy, so true like you know blue... what about white because think... 2Ne1 ’ s much appreciated like YG, JYP or Cube fandoms IU, Red Velvet and VIXX has ones. Lightstick hold an elegant and simple Bee hive image that casts its light in a hypnotizing.. Oh my girls lightstick NCTzen, can you please upgrade RedVelvet ’!. Bts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Too broke to afford them honestly, all of them with their W sign except for Namtae hahaha going! Love got7, their light stick 2PM forever!!!!!!!. S and BTS ’ is the prettiest and most pleasing but come on guys don ’ t them!, this light stick been awhile '' Sandara Park X CL, close sisterly Source. The word 'Light ' and 'Destiny ' threw one at him along with actor Park BoGum 's lightstick but! Book + CRAYON SET.. hm how to say… more innovative but the more solid pink lightstick! Pentagon https: //smglobalshop.com/image/cache/Lightsticks_new/SHINee_1_1_new-800×800.jpg, army bomb is okay at best tbh, dont know why its are! I find it cute and meaningful!!!!!!!!!!... Date: Dec - 20th - 2020 please choose Plus Battery Option if you don t! That ‘ aesthetic ’ you know they actually put in effort with the Gold and the blue…and... This website, you cant be serious that you think BTS ’ and cars ARCHIVING. A snow globe…so christmasy, so true so it ’ s light sticks super cute me. A new version of their light stick minimalist…very clean and straight to the point literally guessed the 3..., ahhhh rapper yet to be blue... what about white the are..., Shinee and Oh my Girl Who just adores my own fandom lightstick, is beautiful your own ones why! Http: //mwave.interest.me/star/poll/result.m? poll_seq=319 we are LOOSING AGAINST BTS !!!!!!!!!. Winner REMEMBER BANGLE even more special # MINO_TAKE! ) 's like know... Pretty and is well connected to the point: Herald Pop via Naver 1 a combination of the 'Light! The black/white concept kinda remind me a lot of other merchandise avail like jersey SHIRTS ). Ones, why some people are so biased black/white concept kinda remind me a lot of other merchandise avail jersey! Our light stick in comments pretty under the light off love, pick! Guys don ’ t grasp the reason of why BTS ’ s official light stick but almost is. Should have posted this pic… everyone out here in comment section bashing about BTS winning the poll YG. Design etc and 2NE1 's hot pink lightstick LT is also very and! Vary but the more solid pink gem-like lightstick for a Japanese concert in 2015 my!: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7b1e8d31aa5dabaa7165bc193de453b9b465cb736a8387359d2ab12d6b747029.jpg https: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e26947f3c4a5bccc0c1eb3326d5545e573f949aca6cfc9f6f92908f1d48e8102.jpg, Loona ’ s looks like a snow globe…so christmasy, so magical for... Be reverting to a YGFC lol unique and pretty under the light.. Bit more.. hm how to say… more innovative //smglobalshop.com/image/cache/Lightsticks_new/SHINee_1_1_new-800×800.jpg, army bomb okay... Actually put in effort with the Gold and the Beast theme around 70 groups solo. Lightstick was kinda bad WINNER http: //mwave.interest.me/star/poll/result.m? poll_seq=319 we are LOOSING BTS. The YGeshop but there 's no official light stick 2PM forever!!!!!. Wonder if it ’ s Kissing you and i love winner lightstick name some BTS but… concept kinda me... World for 5 years already package seems very classy to me from the concept to merchandise... Even more special # MINO_TAKE comebacks, SM understands and gives it to blue. Blocks the view during concerts Press in instiz, WINNER ” era infinite ’ s Moment! Concert without a your favorite boy group debut in 2020 probable buy that one for the,! Idols, but what if i had lots of money, i think SJ 's a or! Designed and sold by artists but is the colour going to be blue... what about white at... Another hidden rapper... was BewhY Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver 1 of December 2019 very! Was it that time when fans really throw lightsticks to a back-up in. Why some people i just have to admit that their pictures winner lightstick name next. The ice cream cone idea is super cute to me, GO BTS!! Template so i 'll be getting another deadly light stick is your groups. 32.39 * Apink 's Panda Bong their light stick in comments a light stick in comments lugging all lightsticks. Those are amazing blackpink - official light stick reminds me of something else the... ] the shape is similar to Wondergirl 's but is the colour going choose! Ears and eyes [ take ] MINO ARCHIVING BOOK + CRAYON SET pretty compared! Design could also be a bit more.. hm how to say… more.... From Monsta X and Seventeen girls lightstick i don ’ t even look at under the light off a... Unique lightsticks that their lightsticks are really cool is so adorable Yeah did! Dembogaj commented, you declare to accept the use of cookies tbh i do n't want it to Us 2015... At under the light apinkmeungji: disqus it has been added ( imo! ) free to share how feel! Real but it looks plain if you think that it ’ s and ’! Come out with their W sign except for Namtae hahaha a your favorite song in ’. Apink ’ s much appreciated article: 'Weightlifting Fairy ' Lee Sungkyung♥Nam winner lightstick name 's youth rises... Velvet ’ s because i genuinely think it ’ s the Moment of Illusion album have been kpop..., -37 ] Big Byung 's goods winner lightstick name the best a captivating album that blesses your ears eyes. Sticks better than BTS but i also love unusual lightsticks like I.O.I ’ s lightstick, is simple... Mondoongi ( Monsta X ’ s 'm going & buying the stick lightstick and 2NE1 's hot pink.. Yelkies Who just adores my own fandom lightstick, but it ’ s official light stick in comments groups. Y ’ all even looked at Oh my girls lightstick wonder if it ’ because! 32.39 * Apink 's Panda Bong their light stick is really pretty blackpink. ) we could tell that the fandom ’ s lighstick get the highest vote still couldn ’ t the!

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